Nobel Street Studios - Inspelning, Mixning och Mastering Göteborg

Nobel Street Studios is a music recording and mastering studio located a few minutes from the heart of Gothenburg. The studio is a comfortable, well equipped professional recording studio, perfect for bands and solo artists. It is a great creative space in the city. Our experienced engineers and producers can produce, record and shape your unique sound.

The main studio has a spacious control room, equipped with a Digidesign ICON console, Mac Pro Tools 10 HD3, Genelec monitors, and Focusrite and Digidesign pre-amps. This is complemented by a generous selection of pro-tools plugins and outboard compressors. For more details on our main control room click here.

The studio also has a smaller control, which is perfect for editing. It is equipped with Genelec monitors, Focusrite pre-amps, and an Apple Mac Pro running Pro Tools 10. Details are here

Our well-designed live room has great acoustics. We also have an isolation booth for vocals. 

The studios have a nice kitchen and a relaxing lounge area for artists to rest, hangout and enjoy.