Om Oss

Om oss - About Us

Nobel Street Studios drivs av Musikutveckling i Göteborg AB.
Studion är tillgänglig för uthyrning med eller utan tekniker.


Album som Arnold på ett eller annat sätt jobbat på:

• Inflames: "Used & abused, in live we trust", "A Sense of Purpose"

• Evergrey: "The inner circle", "A night to remember", "Monday Morning Apocalypse"

• Denner/Sherman: "Masters of Evil", "Satans Tomb"

• Saffire: "Casters Of The First Stone"

• Snowy Shaw: Barndoom med Snömannen, Kråksång & Rävspel", "White Is The New Black"

• Dragonland: "Starfall"

• Naughty whisper: "Addicted to decadence"

• Old mans child: "In Defiance of Existence"

• Dimmu Borgir: "Death Cult Armageddon"

• Darkest hour: "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation"

• Moonlight agony: "Echoes of a Nightmare" , "Silent Waters"

• Dimension Zero: "Penetrations From The Lost World", "He Who Shall Not Bleed", "Silent Night Fever"

• Marduk: "Funeral Marches and Warsongs"

• Trident: "World destruction"

• Deathening: "Open up and swallow", "Chained in blood", "Antifascist Death Metal"

• Supraload: "Hype divine"

• Hardcore Superstar: "Dreamin' in a Casket" , Beg for it", "Last Call For Alcohol"

• At Vance: "Facing Your Enemy"

• EndbitE:"It's a decadent life", "Endbite"

• Hedon: "Sound of suffering"